Bowling i OL? Sjekk opprop via World Bowling

Av Per Iversen / 2019-02-04

I et nyhetsbrev har World Bowling offentliggjort en link, sjekk her. Ved klikke på denne linken og følge instruksjonene, kan norske bowlingspillere vise sin støtte for bowling som OL-idrett i 2024. Ordlyden i det engelske nyhetsbrevet kan leses nedenfor. All støtte mottas med takk av World Bowling!

The President led a delegation of seven people from World Bowling and FFBSQ/French federation to meet with the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee to discuss the possibility that bowling might be included in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as an additional sport. Appropriate presentation materials and documents were prepared and presented. The Paris 2024 officials will be invited to attend the Finals of the 2019 WJC at the Judo Auditorium in Paris on March 23, 2019. World Bowling has further cooperated with an independent organization of bowling supporters that wishes to support our Paris 2024 effort. They have developed a website for the purposes of allowing individuals to sign a petition to support bowling in the 2024 Olympic Games, and to gather demographic information that would be useful to World Bowling in developing future strategies, particularly with Olympic requirement and preferences in mind.  We urge all member federations to distribute the availability of this website, and further urge their individual members and bowling supporters within their jurisdiction to sign the Paris 2024 petition, and participate in the survey. The materials are available in seven languages: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian. Please distribute the request as soon as possible, as the timeline for Paris 2024 to make their decision regarding 2024 additional sports is the end of March, 2019.